6 tips for happy hiking feet

  1. Find the right shoes/boots for the terrains 

                      Trail shoes or hiking boots with synthetic upper and an EVA midsole are excellent. Waterproof Gortex upper can also help in protecting your                        feet  and preventing injury in wet/snowy/icy conditions. 


      2. Find the right fitting shoes for your feet 

                      a. They should feel supportive and comfortable to wear – fit both feet well, without being tight. Make sure the boots or hiking shoes are wide                        enough in the toe box area, that you can still wiggle all your toes. 

                      b. It’s best to time your boot fitting for afternoon or evening, as our feet tend to swell over the course of the day. If you wear orthoses, make                        sure you bring them to the fitting, as well as the socks you are planning to wear when hiking. 

                      c. Break in your shoes/boots before you go 

      3. Treat your injuries 

                      a. It is recommended that you see your local Podiatrist as they are specialists in assessing, diagnosing and providing the best treatment for                          your injuries.

      4. Ditch the cotton socks 

                      a. These socks tend to stay wet, leading to chafing and blisters. Instead, opts for good Merino wool or bamboo socks that wicks moisture                              away and allow it to evaporate and cool down your feet.

                      b. Other recommendation would be the High Performance Injinji toe socks. It prevents rubbing and irritation of the toes. Thus, protect your                          feet from forming hot spots and blister. These socks are very popular with the clients so we stock them in the clinic for your convenience.                              Come and check it out! 

      5. Pop a blister or not to pop a blister 

                      a. When in doubt, don’t pop it! You can treat it after complete the hike.

                      b. Do’s : 

                                    i. apply antiseption solution

                                    ii. protect it with sterile island dressing

                                   iii. reduce pressure off it 

                     c. Do not’s:

                                    i. Ignore and keep going; as it likely will get worse

                     d. First aid kit can be lifesaving to help with injuries on the trails. My recommendations would be sport tape, hypafix, sterile island dressing,                         Vaseline, anti-septic solution, alcohol wipes, cotton balls.

     6. Don’t forget to stretch

                      a. Your hamstring, calf and your feet. This will prevent cramps and injuries

Now that your feet are happily prepared for anything that comes your way, you are ready to make the most of your active vacation! Ride far, climb high and happy trails!

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