A Problem with Podiatry & Our Solution


I’ve been a Podiatrist for over 23 years, treating over 100,000+ Podiatry consults over that time and I’ve noticed something in our service delivery model that really needs further improvement.  

First of all, rehab and injury prevention started becoming an important component of our service delivery only recently over the last 10 or so years.  My university days were not focused on exercises and rehab at all. However, times have changed and now Podiatrists realise that there are so many ways to help you get better.

Recent emphasis for injury prevention and treatment has been on rehabilitation to bring you back to normal activities.  This requires giving out exercises for you to do at home.

And this is where we hit a road block….


Out of 5 people I give exercises to do at home, only 2-3 of them actually do it before they see me again for a review.  We’re all human, we lead busy lives and we forget!

So it got me thinking, there must be a better way to motivate, stay connected and keep our clients accountable!

If we don’t change how we deliver our care, people like you are not receiving the care they should, and not getting the outcomes that they seek.

It’s time we fix that for you!


The tailored exercises that a Podiatrist gives you are specific to your condition and rehabilitation.  Doing them regularly and consistently will determine the outcome of your care.

They make or break the process, in a lot of instances.


Your experience, the client experience, is paramount to us.

We know that a positive, friendly and fun experience is always more enjoyable and rewarding, but we also know that it has significant effects on your health outcomes.


Our answer to this problem is PHYSITRACK.

We discovered Physitrack through talking with many Physios who also encountered the same problem and have successfully used it in their practice.

Here are some of the features that attracted us the most about Physitrack:

  • A brilliant library of 3500+ exercises, all with video, written and voice commentary
  • A huge range of exercises, including simple rehab to advanced conditioning
  • Integration with Cliniko, our practice management software and client database
  • Ease and speed of use
  • The ability to deliver exercise programs in a variety of ways – printed, emailed, video, and via an app
  • The ability to deliver extras, such as questionnaires and education material
  • The feedback that can be generated from you – exercise adherence, pain levels, etc.

Amongst a huge list of other features, these were the ones that really stood out for us.

and…the biggest draw card that convinced us to implement Physitrack? It allows you to input and track your adherence, pain, questions and anything else that might be relevant.  We can also monitor your progress every step of the way and communicate with you in between appointments through the Physitrack site.

This equals better outcomes and goals for you!

Here is a glimpse at how Physitrack works: https://www.physitrack.com/about-us 

There are numerous exercises we can choose for you:

Once you’ve been given your prescribed exercises we can track and see how you’re progressing with them at home:


Our mission at The Footcare Clinic is to help more people move well and feel great.

You won’t get ‘standard’ Podiatry from us.

You get state-of-the-art treatment via tools like Physitrack.

You can rest assured that when you trust us at The Footcare Clinic with your healthcare, we will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals.

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