Our Story: Inspiration behind the Footcare Clinic

“I’m a descendant of a family of brave, strong, hardworking and resilient women who all ran successful small businesses in their birth country Vietnam and in countries abroad when they settled there as refugees. It was the only way they knew how to support their families, pay for their kids’ education and create jobs so that others in the community can do the same. The large picture you see above is of my mother and her sisters sitting in front of my aunt’s food store in Vietnam. These small businesses are integral to communities around the world – without them our economies would not be the same.

It was only natural for me to then open my own clinic 2 years after graduating from Podiatry School. I have never looked back. Over the years the impact of this venture has never ceased to amaze me. The ripple effect of helping others achieve their goals through helping them restore movement has been a force that has kept me going.

Our business has grown over the years and we are ready to amplify our impact, do good and give back to our community and those less fortunate than ourselves around the world. We pledge to make a difference by donating 1% of our revenue to our partner charity – Opportunity International Australia. As well as that, we run an employee volunteer program in which team members are given paid days off each year to volunteer in the community to a charity of their choice.”

Ngan (Kim) Harwood – Director of The Footcare Clinic


The Footcare clinic is proud to partner with Opportunity International Australia, an international aid and development organisation that is ending poverty in developing countries – one family and one community at a time. By providing small loans and other support services to families in need, Opportunity helps them grow their own businesses and generate sustainable incomes so they can lift themselves out of poverty with dignity – creating a new future for generations to come. Opportunity supports microfinance, health, education and safety programs in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Pakistan.


Opportunity International Australia gives families the tools they need to work their way out of poverty. For a family in a developing country struggling to survive, a small loan can help them build a business and earn a regular income with dignity and purpose. As businesses grow and employ others, 98% of loans are repaid and recycled, creating a ripple effect that reaches more and more people over time. Sindhu’s story below is a shining example of their brilliant work.


From working in a factory to creating selling her own garments, being entrepreneurial always came naturally to Yohana. However, growing up living in poverty in Kupang, Indonesia and not having the same resources as others – sometimes living a hand to mouth existence – Yohana had to work hard to create a sustainable livelihood for herself and her two children, Francisco and Carolina.

With the help of a small loan, Yohana opened a snack stall with A$200 in 2017. The business was successful, but she found that she wasn’t busy enough for her liking, so she hired some employees to run the food stall and set up a second business – tailoring and making garments – with the support of another loan.

In the future, if it’s feasible, Yohana plans to buy more sewing machines and open a course to teach young girls how to sew clothes and how to sell them.

Today, Yohana’s businesses are thriving and she’s been able to send her two children to school. Her eldest daughter, Carolina, is in university studying accounting and her son, Francisco, is in his last year of high school.

Yohana wants to continue to be a great example for her children so they can feel confident creating a better future. “I choose to be happy,” she said. “If I am not happy, nothing will work for me.”

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How you Can Help!

If you would like to partner with The Footcare Clinic in giving back to Opportunity International Australia you can donate by following the link below. Your support is very much valued and appreciated.