“Help Everyone Move Well and Be Active”

Our Values

Deliver Your Best
  • We give everything we do our best shot
  • We are attentive to detail in what we deliver
  • We go above and beyond – find a way to do 1% extra for clients and work mates
  • We are a team player first
  • Be the CEO of YOU inc.! “Own your brand”
Respect Everyone
  • We say ‘welcome’ to every client who walks through our door
  • We treat every client as if they were family
  • We understand what the presenting problem means for each client (empathy and compassion)
  • We follow through on what we say we’re going to do
  • We run on time
  • We aim to do more with less (efficient)
  • We acknowledge and communicate in a responsive manner to referral partners in the client care team
Be Outcomes Focused
  • We clearly communicate the outcomes
  • We are open to finding the right solution
  • We are solutions focused
  • We are clear, concise and factual in our service delivery
Bring Your Energy
  • We celebrate our wins, especially our team mates
  • We bring joy and humor to work (laugh and light banter)
  • We find new ways to engage the team to light it up! (motivate)
  • We play above the line (positive)
  • We bring our little quirks and character to work

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