Can I See A Podiatrist In Stage 4 Restrictions?


If you are in pain, and you need help, then YES, you can see a PODIATRIST during lock down.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in Victoria, have made it very clear that,  during stage 4 lockdown restrictions, you should still seek the healthcare you need

You are still allowed to get the foot care you need during stage 4 lock down.

DHHS have created specific guidelines and advice regarding care during this time.

The main points that you need to be aware of are:

  • You DO NOT need a GP referral to see our podiatrist
  • You CAN travel outside the 5km radius to receive healthcare – (use your appointment SMS or Email as proof of service)
  • DHHS have encouraged everyone who needs healthcare to continue to receive healthcare, though you may only attend the clinic in person if the absence of care will mean that your condition and function deteriorates,  and that you may need to seek further care for this deterioration.

Is My Pain Considered Urgent Right Now?

DHHS guidelines state, if you are someone who is in pain, and if you feel that your pain may deteriorate if left untreated, creating the possibility that in the future, you may need to present to a hospital, or medical specialist, then you are able to see a podiatrist during stage 4 lock down.

The following conditions will give you a general idea of what would be considered acceptable to come to the Clinic during Stage 4 Restrictions:

  • Bacterial Infection – in your nail or skin 
  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Ulcers or Skin breakdown on your feet which may or may not cause you pain
  • Diabetes – You’ve noticed change to the appearance or sensation in your feet or your skin and nails are causing you pain.
  • Possible Fractures – from falls, trips and injuries
  • Ankle Sprains – including the possibility of fracture, especially when you can’t weight bear well
  • Heel Pain and Arch Pain – where you are finding it hard to weight bear and move
  • Achilles Tendon Pain – where you can’t weight bear and move
  • Dislocations – toes and ankles
  • Any injury post fall or accident – where you feel there may be damage caused, and you’re worried your condition may deteriorate
  • Any joint issue that has persistent swelling following a fall or post accident.

What happens if I get assessed and my injury isn’t deemed ‘essential’?

We’ve already had some people downplay their condition, only to find out their issue was more serious than they had thought.

When you attend the clinic, you’ll get assessed, then be given a diagnosis and treatment plan.

If your podiatrist deems your injury ‘essential’, you’ll be able to attend for further face to face sessions.  

You won’t get in trouble if it turns out your injury isn’t as serious as you first thought. If you are in pain, and worried your condition may deteriorate, please seek the health care you deserve, just like normal. 

Source: DHHS link 

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