Do I need an orthotic for my foot pain?

Are you struggling and having difficulties in performing daily activities and/or are you unable to play your favorite sports due to foot and ankle pain? You already tried quite a lot of treatments but they do not seem to be really helpful. If you do, this post is for you.

In our clinic, we have seen a wide range of people from different groups including elderly, teenagers or children complaining of foot and ankle pain. They also tried quite a few treatment options before for a long period of time, but did not have any huge improvements. Then, after wearing orthotics, most of them reported a great relief in their pain. 

Let’s start with how an orthotic works to help you with your pain. Orthotics are able to alter pressure from the ground to your feet when you stand, walk or run. By redistributing all these pressures, orthotics help your feet to have better function and reduce excessive forces that may cause foot injuries or foot conditions. 

Depending on your conditions, orthotics will be designed to have specific features that can change alignment, provide additional support and cushioning, redistribute forces, and prevent excessive motion on your feet.       


Orthotics can help to achieve one or more of these following goals:

  • Control foot alignment 
  • Correct and accommodate deformity   
  • Reduce pain and inflammation                     
  • Rehabilitation
  • Protect and prevent further injuries
  • Increase mobility  

Due to the fact that orthotics are similar to your insole, therefore, you will be able to change them from shoes to shoes. When you come to our clinic, as a Podiatrist, we will assess your foot, your symptoms, activities and also your footwear in order to make sure you are well-fitted with orthotics. 

If you have any questions or would like to know more about customized orthotics, please do not hesitate to call our team on (03) 9711 7562 or make an appointment with us on our website

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Kara Pham 
The Footcare Clinic

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