Foot Care for the Christmas Party Season

Whether there’s an office Christmas party or get-together with friends and family on the horizon, you’re probably looking forward to letting your hair down over the next few weeks. The party season is full of fun, but while you’re throwing funky shapes on the dance floor, don’t forget about your feet, as party shoes are linked to foot pain and many other problems. 

Thankfully, our Christmas foot care advice can help you to avoid festive foot woes without extreme measures, ensuring you’re the life and soul of the party well into the New Year!

Before the Party: Prepping Your Feet 

It’s important to take particularly good care of them at this time of year. One is to tackle dry skin by removing dead skin with a pumice stone and massaging in a good quality foot cream, keeping them silky smooth.

The other is wear your party shoes at home with socks, to break them in gently. That way, they’ll be less of a shock to your feet when you step outside.

Pop a spare pair of shoes – a supportive style such as trainers – in the bag you’re taking to the party. Alternatively, wear them to get there. You’ll be far less likely to fall or twist your ankle in sensible footwear than impractical party shoes!

At the party: Don’t dance from dusk till dawn in skyscraper heels

It’s tempting to assume that the higher your heels, the more glamorous you’ll look. However, by straining your toes in your heels, the balls of your feet, ankles, knees and lower back, stilettoes and increase your risk of pain in the balls of your feet, blisters, sores are bound to take the fizz out of your festivities.

The best approach is sticking to heels (on the dance floor) that are just a couple of inches high. Party shoes don’t need to add height to make you feel fabulous: eye-catching details such as glitter and gems will garner plenty of compliments. However, if you’re determined to party in huge heels, limit the time you spend on your feet. Sit down to rest your feet is a great idea!

Changing into your spare shoes just before heading home will make the journey easier such as comfortable Archie thongs which we stock at the clinic. 







After the party: Treat your tired feet

Soaking your feet in a basin of warm water should soothe them. You could also gently stretch your muscles by raising each foot and ‘writing’ the letters of the alphabet in the air.

If you have any concerns our podiatrists at The Footcare Clinic can help you. In addition to treating your foot ailments, we can provide you with custom-made prescription orthotics which are designed to make your footwear as comfortable as possible.

Making an appointment is super easy! You can book online or call our friendly reception team on (03) 9711 7562.  We look forward to seeing you at The Footcare Clinic.

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