Footwear Choices During Lockdowns Can Make Or Break Your Feet

Have you noticed that since you’ve started working from home that your feet have been sore, achy and not happy?  With constant lockdowns and restrictions on movement outside the home, we’ve found that people are not making the best  choices  when it comes to indoor shoes for their feet.

Since the start of the pandemic, with law enforcement restricting movement and preventing people from travelling to their workplaces, we’ve noticed many are increasingly spending much more time at home.  Combine this with some uninformed footwear choices and the risk of foot injury increases exponentially.

Below are some habits we often see when people spend more time at home:

  • Not wearing comfortable outdoor shoes for indoors
  • Going barefoot and wearing no shoes
  • Spending all day in soft slippers
  • Spending all day in flat thongs
  • Getting out of routine and not wearing their custom orthoses (foot supports)
  • Sitting too long and not moving about

We understand that when routines are broken it’s difficult to know what is the right thing to do by your feet.  To help we’ve written some top tips for you to follow when you’re spending more time at home.

Tip 1 – If you don’t want to have your dirty but comfortable outdoor shoes indoors, then find another similar pair that you can just dedicate for indoor use.

Tip 2 – Avoid soft fluffy slippers.  We underestimate how much time we spend on our feet even though we are indoors.  Have your pedometer/watch count your steps one day and you’ll be surprised!  For this reason those comfy soft and fluffy slippers are your worst enemy.  They provide no support whatsoever for your feet.

Tip 3 – If you normally wear orthotics, then you must remember to wear them when indoors.  Just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean your feet don’t need the same support as when you’re outdoors. This is another good reason to get a duplicate set of shoes for indoor use, you can slip your orthoses into them.

Tip 4 – Do regular foot exercises.  The more we sit and not move, the weaker our foot muscles get and the higher the risk of incurring a foot injury.  Read our blog for tips on the exercises you can do at home to strengthen your feet.

Tip 5 – Instead of duplicating your outdoor shoes, you can always get yourself a good set of dedicated indoor shoes – slippers, sandals etc.  Not sure what to look for?  This blog we wrote for summer shoes may help.  As shops are closed it makes it even more challenging to find the right shoes to wear at home – particularly as we recommend you try the shoes before you buy.  However, did you know that we stock high quality indoor footwear at the clinic and can help you find a solution?

Spending time indoors has its challenges and one of them is having sore feet.  Know that this is highly avoidable and preventable!  We’re open throughout the extended lockdowns and are here to help if you need further advice around footwear or treatment to get you back doing what you love.   You can book an appointment online or call our friendly help team on (03) 9711 7562.  We’re here to help.

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