Heel Pain and Footwear: The Impact of Footwear and Heel Pain During Summer

It’s that time of year where we want to enjoy some warm summer weather and slide on a pair of thongs or sandals. But how can we enjoy the sun or our holidays without sacrificing the stability and support of our everyday shoes?

As a Podiatrist I often see people returning from holidays, with a sudden change of footwear, presenting with a number of injuries, including plantar heel pain, forefoot pain, arch pain and lower leg pain. Most of us spend more time at work or commuting to work than we do anywhere else, so going from our usual supportive, cushioned and stable shoes to a flat sandal or thong can have a huge impact on the way our feet feel the next day or week after.

Have you ever spent a day or night out in your favourite heels or dress shoes only to be hobbling home with them in your hand?  We’ve all been there and know exactly how easily shoes can cause foot pain.

This is also true for all kinds of footwear, not just our special occasion kind. Those soft thongs, sandals or casual shoes that keep you moving and exploring while on holidays, can all lead to pain and injury if we do not choose carefully for our foot type, particularly if it is a sudden change from one to another.

Your feet have the big job of supporting your body weight and sustaining the impact of standing, walking, running and everything else we do throughout the day. These complex structures each contain 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 120 muscles, ligaments and nerves.
You could only imagine what is going on inside your foot if your are trying to walk 10,000++ steps every day in your flat thongs, when normally they would be in your cushioned work shoes with the support of your orthotic.

Bottom-line, your feet are most likely doing a lot more on holidays and your days off than you give them credit for, so they need shoes and sandals to match. Shoes are very much like clothes, personal choices, but the right shoes for you will depend on your activity levels, height, weight, walking and running gait and a lot more. But if you are experiencing any kind of foot pain that persists for days, making it uncomfortable to enjoy normal everyday life, it’s time to see your podiatrist for a thorough assessment and to find the right footwear for you!

Some great Summer footwear options include:


  • The perfect sandal for those with custom orthotics
  • The revere sandals come with a removable insole allowing you to wear your custom orthotics.
  • Come with strap extensions which can be adjusted if your feet are prone to swelling during the hotter weather
  • Can be found here at The Footcare Clinic


  • Supportive alternative to the classic flat thong
  • Added arch support, which encourages whole body and foot alignment
  • Tighter, firmer strap which means no toe clawing, your toes don’t have to grip to keep the thong on
  • Designed by physios
  • Can be found here at The Footcare Clinic


  • Stylish, comfortable footwear designed by Podiatrists
  • Unique footbed which is made from polyurethane ensuring all day cushion and comfort
  • Multiple fitting options to accommodate for narrow, standard or wider foot shapes.
  • Removable insole and good depth in shoes allowing your to wear your custom orthotics

Remember the right shoes can help prevent, reduce or eliminate foot pain. A lack of pain has a huge impact on how well and easily you move. Remember when shopping for your next summer shoes, there are many different options, and being supported doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style! 

If you need any footwear advice or have found yourself in pain after holidays, BOOK ONLINE and see us here at The Footcare Clinic.  

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