10 things I Did in Lockdown That Made Me Smile

Let’s be honest, lockdowns are no fun.  For us Victorians who’ve gone through it 3 times before its soul wrecking because we simply didn’t think we’d be back here again.  So to overcome my low emotional state I found activities that I could do that made me crack a smile.  By sharing it with you I hope this also helps to motivate you to do at least one of those things to make the days that much easier.

Watching sunrise at the local footie oval
  1. Watch the sunrise.  I love to wake up early to catch the morning’s sunrise.  Make sure to don on 3-4 layers so you’re not freezing your !?!@ off.
  2. Pick all my citrus fruits off the tree.  The crop we had this year was so satisfying to see.  Thank you Mother Nature!
  3. Make the most amazing lemon tart (from scratch!) with the abundant supply of lemons from our tree.
    My MasterChef Lemon Tart
  4. Leave what we didn’t need out the front for friends and neighbours to take.  Believe me this provided many hours of fun watching people come past and seeing the delight in their faces as they walk away with our lemons in hand.
  5. Go for a run with a friend.  If you don’t know this already I do love to run.  The change in mood and exhilaration after an exhausting run is something that only runners will understand.
  6. Go for a walk with your family.  Teenagers are hard to drag outdoors, it’s just not cool to walk with mum and dad.  Give them 10 mins and they’ll warm up … maybe!
  7. Order something from a local business and pay them a big compliment when you pick the order up.  They need you right now.  We ordered a seafood platter from our local restaurant.  It was soooo good!
    Mother Nature Provides
  8. Read to your child.  I must admit I haven’t done this in ages as my youngest is 11 years old.  But the opportunity came up, it was cold and we huddled near the heater together to go through a chapter of the children’s space encyclopaedia.  So good!
  9. Finished off my jigsaw puzzle.  I started this in lockdown 3.0 and was glad to see it done.
  10. Watching the sunset and remind yourself that “this too shall pass”

I’d love to hear what you’ve done during lockdown that made you smile.  It would be awesome if you could share them in the comments below 👇.  The 11th thing I didn’t add is that I was able to continue working at the clinic as Podiatry care is an authorised work that can remain open.  Seeing our clients faces during this time brings me more joy than I could imagine.  If you need our services during this time please don’t hesitate to call us on (03) 9711 7562 or you can easily book online.

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  • Hello Kim, lovely to read your blog!! I can truthfully say that I share 6 of your 10 things that make you oh so happy.
    Stay safe and keep smiling!!

  • HealthTimes
    June 18, 2021 8:47 am

    This is a great guide to people who wants to fight their boredom during this pandemic. Thank you for sharing a tips.

  • John van der Weerden
    June 4, 2021 12:13 pm

    I am a collector of bottles, and this makes me smile as I clean them them for display. My wife also has joined me in my hobby, and equally smiles as I clean her bottles. Her’s are of the round type, and mine are square ones. Mine are more plentiful because i have been collecting for longer than She has , [bottles that is] Our friend’s ask why are they all the same? And It makes me smile some more when I explain. It’s a fun hobby.

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