RUNNERS: How To Minimise Your Risk of Getting An Injury

When the starting gun fires and runners hit the pavement with determination and fresh legs, the last thing they want to worry about is a niggly injury. Yet, these common afflictions often rear their unwelcome heads during running events. As passionate podiatrists, we’ve delved into the factors contributing to these injuries and are here to offer valuable insights on risk reduction.

Factors Behind Foot and Leg Injuries:

1. Inadequate Footwear: Ill-fitting shoes or those lacking proper cushioning and support can spell disaster for runners. Shoes should be a perfect match for the runner’s foot type and the terrain they’ll be tackling.

2. Overtraining: Pushing the body beyond its limits without adequate rest can lead to overuse injuries. Gradual training progressions are essential to allow muscles and joints to adapt.

3. Biomechanical Imbalances: Individual variations in gait and foot structure can lead to uneven stress distribution, causing discomfort or injury over time.

4. Inadequate Warm-up and Cool-down: Neglecting proper warm-up and cool-down routines can increase the risk of muscle strains and injuries.

5. Improper Technique: Incorrect running form, such as overstriding or excessive heel striking, can amplify the impact on the lower extremities.

Reducing Risks for Foot Injuries:

1. Get Fitted: Invest in well-fitting running shoes from a reputable store. A professional fitting can ensure your shoes provide the necessary support and cushioning.

2. Train Smart: Follow a structured training plan that incorporates rest days, cross-training, and gradual mileage increases to prevent overuse injuries.

3. Biomechanical Assessment: Consult a podiatrist for a gait analysis and biomechanical assessment. Custom orthotics or specific exercises can help address imbalances.  Runners will benefit from these assessments as it can reveal areas of weakness that needs strengthening.  A personalised rehab program may be needed to improve strength.

4. Proper Warm-up/Cool-down: Dedicate time to warming up your muscles and cooling down post-run to prevent sudden strains.

5. Focus on Form: Work on maintaining proper running form, including a midfoot strike and an efficient stride length.

At The Footcare Clinic, we’re dedicated to keeping runners on their feet and in top form. Our experienced team of podiatrists understands the intricate biomechanics of running and the nuances of foot health. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a weekend jogger, our personalized assessments and treatment plans can help you prevent and overcome foot and leg injuries. Don’t let injuries hold you back from achieving your running goals. Contact us today or BOOK ONLINE to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a healthier, injury-free running journey.

Remember, every stride you take is a step toward your goals. Let us ensure those strides are confident, pain-free, and propelling you toward success.

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