Nail Bracing

Toenail Bracing is a treatment designed to improve the toenail shape and prevent the recurrence of painful ingrown or involuted toenails. Similar to the bracing of teeth used in orthodontics, toenail bracing aims to permanently change the position of the nail for better cosmetic appearance and permanent pain relief. The Footcare Clinic is one of only a small number of clinics in Australia that offer this unique service.

Types of nails that will benefit from Nail Bracing:

  • Ingrown nails
  • Deformed nails
  • Involuted/curled nails
  • Cosmetic corrections
  • An alternative to toenail surgery

Benefits of Nail Bracing

Research has proven that Nail Bracing is a successful, painless treatment for ingrown and involuted nails. Here are some benefits:

Fast relief and long term pain reduction
Pain free application of brace
No local anaesthetic required
No interference with everyday life, work or most sports
Suitable for those with peripheral vascular disease or diabetes

Before Treatment

3 Months Later

What to expect in your consult?

We know your time is valuable and true to our values of respecting everybody we strive to always run on time.

Prior to your appointment you will receive an email with a link to complete your client forms online. If you prefer to do it in person we would appreciate that you arrive 10 mins earlier to allow time for registration and to make things run smoothly.

On arrival, you’ll be welcomed with a smile! You’ll meet your podiatrist, who will listen to your history, work with you to perform a thorough assessment and begin treatment to get to the bottom of your concerns.

We’ll stay in touch by sending personal emails or SMS (not bulk spam), and also ask for feedback after your appointments so we can continue to improve our service to you.


Normally the nail braces are suitable for everyone with in-grown or rolled nails. Even babies and small children can be treated with special children’s braces. However, nail bracing is not recommended if you:

  • Play kicking sports such as soccer or AFL.
  • Want to wear pointed high heels or tight fitting ballet flats during treatment.
  • Have a fungal infection that is affecting the strength or integrity of the nail edge.

Usually yes – the brace therapy has been accepted as a pain-free method of treatment for in-grown toenails – a great advantage for children and diabetics.

We do our utmost best to select the right toenail condition that would benefit from bracing, in some rare cases, nail bracing may not achieve the desired outcome. Toenail surgery may be suggested should the ingrown toenail condition not fully resolve or return following a treatment period of bracing.

One can hardly feel the placing of the brace, except perhaps contact with the skin when the surrounding tissue is inflamed. Local anesthetic is NOT necessary during the application process. In fact, most patients feel relief after activation of the brace.

A nail brace will not hinder you. You can play sport as usual, whether in water or on land. We advise you to avoid sport only if the toe is highly inflamed and wait until it has healed. Those indulging in high-performance sports should let us know beforehand.

The brace remains securely on the nail in water – whether in a pool, sauna or bathtub – but should not be in excess of 30 minutes and a bandaid should be applied for extra support.

Each case is different. The brace remains on the nail and grows out with it. Depending on the case it will be removed and reapplied at regular intervals over a period between 3 to 12 months. The brace does not interfere with daily life and all sporting and working activities can be continued.

The cost depends on the difficulty of the treatment and its duration. Sometimes the treatment is paid for by Medical Insurance. We will discuss fees with you once we assess your toenail and your needs.

Yes, you can paint over the brace if desired without affecting the brace.

A number of health funds provide rebates for nail bracing – check with your fund if you’re covered. We have HICAPS facilities so are able to offer on-the-spot rebates.

If you qualify for an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program arranged by your GP, a portion of the associated costs may be covered by Medicare (up to a maximum of $280 per year).

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