SIX Reasons Why A Runner Should See A Podiatrist Who Runs

You’re a runner who has a lower limb injury and have been told to see a podiatrist.  Would the podiatrist down the road know how to treat you?  Does every podiatrist know how to ‘fix’ your injuries?  Where should you go?  What should you do?

The purpose of this blog is to help guide you in your search for a GREAT podiatrist that understands you. Here are SIX reasons why you should do some homework and seek the services of a podiatrist who is also a runner to help you make a safe comeback to running from an injury.

1. A podiatrist who is a runner will get you!  Even though running is a simple sport it’s the mindset of a runner that many who don’t run just don’t understand.   The struggles and euphoria when running can only be known by those who run.  So when you describe your injury to someone who doesn’t run it’s like telling your travel story to someone who has no desire to travel.

2. Top Notch Footwear Advice.  A podiatrist who runs will often be obsessive about their choice of footwear.  Why?  Because they know the importance of footwear and how it affects foot function.  How can you tell?  Ask them how many running shoes they own! 😂  Jokes aside, it’s important to see a podiatrist who has a deep understanding of the variety of footwear choices out there so that you can be given the best advice around footwear to compliment your running.

3. They’re passionate about treating musculoskeletal injuries.   That’s a big word for any soft tissue and bone injuries.  Podiatrists who run have also experienced running related injuries themselves.  Back that up with their specialist knowledge of the body and how it works, you’ve got a great person to look after you!

4. Running Podiatrists would likely have completed further studies in running biomechanics and rehabilitation.  Often a podiatrist who loves running would have done further studies to learn more about running.  Why?  Because not only do they want to learn for their clients, they too want to learn how to improve their own running form and reduce their risks of injuries.

5. They speak your language.  Cadence, Strike, Pace, DOMS, PR, WR, CR, DNF, FKT … You get the picture!  They will understand the running lingo.  No need for a translator 😉

6. They love running talk.  They’re just as obsessed about running as you are.  Often they’ll run over time during your treatment session because they just love a good chat about running.  Nothing worse than bottling up your wins, frustrations and hurdles when you know the person you’re talking to just won’t understand.

Podiatrist Kim doing a water crossing on one of her trail runs whilst carrying her favourite trail shoe, the Speedland SL:HSV.

Podiatrist Kim strapping her own feet with her team mates the night before their 100k ultra.

Believe it or not, podiatry is a very broad profession and some podiatrists will do further studies in the field that they’re most interested in as they begin their podiatric career.  Such examples are dermatology, wound care, paediatrics, rehabilitation, manual therapies etc.  It makes sense to do some research to find a podiatrist who will best suit YOU.  You deserve someone who is also passionate about running, who understands what it’s like to not be able to run and who will be a happy companion with you on your journey back from injury.

We have a couple of running obsessed podiatrists at The FootCare Clinic.  We love nothing more than to help you get back to doing what you love … running injury free!  You can easily book online or call our friendly help desk team on (03) 9711 7562.  Just let them know you that you want to be seen by the running obsessed podiatrists and they’ll happily help you out.

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