Spring Racing Carnival: No More Sore Feet At The Races!

Our Top 6 Tips For Happy Feet At The Spring Racing Carnival 

It’s that time of year again, where Melbournians frock and suit up and head to the Spring Racing Carnival for a great day out or even a win or two on the horses. The Spring Racing Carnival is one of the highlights on the Melbourne calendar, but it can leave your feet feeling rather sore after the last horse has passed the post if your shoes aren’t comfortable.

So, to help you survive a long day – or days – at the track, our Podiatrist – Trang Nguyen has put together some handy tips to make it across the finish line intact.

Tip 1: Choose Your Shoes Wisely!

You’ll be doing a lot of standing and walking, so give the stilettos a miss, says Trang “High stilettos increase significant pressure on the balls of your foot and can make your ankle very unstable, which often is leading cause to ankle sprains”

For ladies:

Wedges are a much better option. Not only will they stop you from sinking into the grass, but they offer a wider heel which helps in distributing force over a larger area, which in turn will give more support and your feet will thank you the next day.

For extra points, if you pick a shoe that is a similar shape to your foot, you will be amazed with the comfort this might offer. Some shoes have pointy ends and will likely cause your toes to be squished. Although this may look great, they’re better saved for that special dinner date where you can be sitting most of the time. Also, look for a shoe with a strap, buckle or ankle tie as this will reduce the work the muscles of your feet need to do to avoid your foot slipping out of the shoe, and round or open-toed styles will cause less rubbing on your toes.

For men:

A leather, lace-up shoe with some internal cushioning and support is ideal. Ensuring the toe-box, the part that covers your toes, is wide enough to accommodate your feet and keeping you comfortable.

Tip 2: Wear your shoes in

You should wear your race-day shoes for a period before the big day even if just around the house. This will allow the shoes to stretch (BUT remember patent leather WON’T stretch so natural material like leather is always better).  Doing this will enable you to recognise any ‘hot spots’ that may give you trouble on the day.

Tip 3: Prepare your feet and legs

Any troublesome toe-nails, blisters or corns/callouses should be managed by a Podiatrist before the big day. Having your feet well maintained will help to keep you comfortable, whilst the podiatrist will be able to give you some tips on what to do if you get a dreaded blister.  If you’re needing an urgent appointment to get your feet ready for the races, you can easily book online at our clinic.

It is also important to prepare your feet and legs for a long day of standing by stretching your calves and massaging your calves/arches – this should also be done after the event to aid in your recovery.

Tip 4: Pack an emergency kit

Be prepared!  Despite your best efforts you may still get some rubbing, cuts or blisters so it is wise to have some Compeed or Duoderm blister dressings and Band-Aids to help reduce some of the pain from rubbing on your toes and heels, whilst gel padding for the balls of your feet may help with the aching/burning you may get.  These items can be bought at your local pharmacy.

Tip 5: Pack a pair of thongs

While thongs might not be the best look for race day, they’re a heck of a lot better for your feet – and your pride – than kicking off your heels altogether once the pain sets in!
Not just any thongs though!  Trang recommends you throw a pair of Archies thongs in your oversized clutch. These physio-developed thongs have built in arch support and supportive straps to keep your feet comfy and pain-free.  You can grab a pair at our clinic, we stock many colors and sizes 👍.

Tip 6: A final word…

Remember to slip, slop, slap, and keep up the water intake. And most importantly, enjoy your day (or week) at the race!

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