Summer Footwear Advice To Prevent Sore Feet And Injuries

Here in our clinic, we’re often asked: “What can I wear in the summer besides my runners?”

This is an important consideration as here in Australia the weather can reach to 40+ degrees in summer days and we want to be able to enjoy summer activities with appropriate footwear to help prevent having sore feet at the end of the day. Certainly, walking barefoot or in flat thongs and flexible sandals would mean your feet might not like you very much.  So, I have put down some tips for you when you’re looking for summer footwear:

1. Closed heeled sandals are better

Having a ‘closed heel counter’ is important to ensure your heel and ankle get proper support while walking and will further help to stabilise your foot and ankle when walking on uneven ground especially.

The rest of a sandal’s ‘body’  can be ‘open’, provided there’s a means of adjustable fixation to help securing your foot in place, such as buckles or velcros. 

Some sandals have a sunken’ heel to achieve a similar level of security. These can be a great option to consider for your summer footwear. 

Women’s Revere Bali Sandal

We offer an excellent option for women’s sandals – the ‘Bali’ from the Revere range is a stylish and popular choice with our female patients. Best of all, you can remove the liners to fit in your orthotics! 

Men’s Sandal

If you look at these photos and say to yourself: “But I don’t wear orthotics and only need something to slip on for the beach” then don’t panic!  We’re here to help!  We’lll take you through some more good options…


2. Orthopaedic slip-ons

Orthopaedic style thongs are becoming more popular as consumers look for an alternative to the ‘one size fits all, hospital outpatient’ look.

Orthaheel Thongs

Our clinic stocks the popular Orthaheel brand, which we have in a flexible variety of sizes and colours.

These thongs have thicker midsoles (the part that provides support and cushioning) and are not designed to replace an orthotic. Instead they complement those warm hot days where you can easily slip on a pair of thongs, but still get support for your feet!

For example, if you were suffering from heel pain and spent all day in your work shoes with your orthotics but came home and walked around barefoot, do you think this might re-injure your heel pain problem? If you have answered yes, then you are probably right!

Now, if you slipped on comfortable Orthaheel thongs that accommodate your arch and lift your heels slightly, are your feet likely to be comfortable? Again, the answer is probably yes!

Again, you might ask: “Hang on a minute… I don’t wear orthotics at all… and I don’t even have foot pain!”

That’s great! You’re one of the lucky ones, but that also doesn’t mean you should neglect your feet! Archies can be another good choice for you!

3. Contoured Flip Flops

Archies are designed by a physiotherapist and are the most aesthetically pleasing flip-flops on the market! Their contoured arch, elevated heel height and tight toe piece tick all the podiatry boxes. And let’s be honest, they are certainly a lot better than the regular flat flip flops.

Archies Thongs

At the clinic, we have been getting around in Archie’s for the past 12 months now, and we love ’em! The hundreds of patients who’ve tried them out would agree too.

Both of the Revere and Archies are fully stocked at our clinic.

Come in for a fitting or alternatively, you can BOOK ONLINE for a one-on-one appointment with our Podiatrist to get the best advice for your feet.


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