Time to get your feet ready for summer!

Summer time is nearly here and it’s time to get your feet ready for the warmer weather!

Here I have some quick and simple tips to get your feet looking and feeling good again:

  • Ugly toenails – can relate to thickened, fungal nails. They often can make you feel embarrassed or self-conscious when you want to wear sandals or thongs. A good first tip is to trim the toenails straight across, file them down with an emery board. Fungal nails can be further treated with anti-fungal options to help. If they’re still not to your satisfaction, come in and get your toenails assessed and treated by a Podiatrist.
  • Dry skin – often means dryness around the weight-bearing areas on your feet (ie. balls of the feet, tips of the toes). A good heel balm or moisturiser can really help to get them back to feeling soft again. My recommendation is a urea- based cream such as Walker Urea cream which is very loved by our patients at the clinic.  
  • Callous, cracks around the heels – these can feel rough in your bedsheets and sometimes painful when weight bears. Fret no more! Use a pumice stone every day in the shower and follow up with a good heel balm or moisturiser when out of the shower. If the cracks in your heels are deep, then it would be best for a Podiatrist to treat, by remove and polish your feet up to make them look and feel brand new again.
  • Painful foot corn – these usually are on weight bearing areas of your feet and should get treatment early on to stop it from getting worse or more painful. If you have one of these and it stops you from doing your activities or making your life difficult, come in and see a Podiatrist is a good idea as they can assess and get rid of it for you. Secondly is to avoid corn pads, instead use shoes with plenty of cushion for your feet.   

Hopefully these quick and simple tips can help to get your feet looking good again.

If you’re unsure or feeling squirmish at the thought of touching feet, don’t worry! Get in touch by booking online or call our friendly team on (03) 9711 7562 to book an appointment.

We’re here to help get you back to moving well and feeling great.

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