Fungal Foot Infection – Tinea pedis

Tinea pedis, commonly known as Athlete’s foot, is a fungal infection. It occurs due to the presence of Dermatophyte fungus, the most common type. 

Common affected areas:

  • Between the toes
  • The skin on the bottom of the foot 
  • Back of the heels
  • Top of the foot 

Who gets Tinea pedis?

It can occur in males and adolescents/young adults, but can also affect females, children and older people. Direct contact with the causative organism usually requires thus contagious between various human contacts, for example using a shared towel, or by walking barefoot in public swimming pool.

Other risk factors include: 

  • Occlusive footwear (ie. long wear of safety boots)
  • Excessive sweating
  • Compromised/reduced immune system 
  • Immune suppressive medications 
  • Poor circulation in both feet 

So, what does it actually look like? 

  • Itchy erosions and/or scales between toes
  • Scale covering the bottom and sides of the feet
  • Small to medium size blisters
  • It can cause ulceration between the toes if left untreated, although uncommon 
  • Unusual redness colour of the skin on the feet 

How is the diagnosis of Tinea pedis made?

It can be diagnosed clinically in most cases. The Podiatrist would look at the skin of the feet for signs and symptoms may indicate Tinea pedis and determine an appropriate treatment to help. 

If necessary, although rare, skin scraping test can be used to confirm the diagnosis.

What can be done as treatment for tinea pedis?

  • Change to overall foot hygiene need to be included: wash feet thoroughly in shower, dry well between the toes, change of socks daily, wear of barrier protection (sandals) in public areas 
  • Topical anti-fungal option can be purchased from chemist. Depend on the severity, a typical course is 2 to 4 weeks 
  • Oral anti-fungal option is further option for people who do not respond to topical anti-fungal option 
  • See the local podiatrist for an appropriate treatment for your feet 

As weather is approaching into summer thus also this season of tinea pedis, one quick tip is checking your feet daily and/or just get in touch with your local Podiatrist and we can definitely help.

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