How To Check If Your Kid’s School Shoes Still Fit

There are now only a few more weeks until school resumes again.  Many kids have not been wearing their school shoes for more than 2 months!  One of the many things that parents are worried about now is whether their kid’s school shoes still fit them or not. So we ask, is it safe for kids to wear shoes that don’t fit them?

We need to look after growing bodies and make sure that we are preventing foot pain the best we can. Tight and narrow shoes are often the source of ingrown toenails and foot numbness, here are some simple tips for you to check if your child’s shoes are still the right fit:

  • Pull the insole from the shoe out
  • Stand your child’s foot on it with their heel at the back
  • If their toes bulge over sides or end of the insole their shoe won’t fit
  • There should be one thumb from the end of the longest toe to the edge of the insole when shoes are new.
  • If there is less than half a thumb width of room, its likely they’ve outgrown their shoes

For kids that wear orthotics in their school shoes, it’s definitely not a great idea to wear orthotics in shoes that are too small. Not only does this cause discomfort and pain but it also alters the benefit of wearing orthotics in the first place.

We’d be more than happy to help you out if you’re not sure and need us to help you check your child’s feet and shoes.  You can call our clinic on 9711 7562 or book an appointment online.  We’re here to help!

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