Top 5 care tips for your feet in Autumn

Autumn has finally arrived in Melbourne, and this also kicked off the start of boots season. The weather is changing gradually, so it’s a great time to put some steps in place to keep your feet feeling and looking its best. 

Here are the few top tips for your feet this season:

  1. Try on all your shoes. Like seasonal clothing, it’s recommended to try on things before wearing it. Even so if it’s your favourite pair of boots that you plan to wear every day. By checking all of the footwear for this autumn for wear and tear and if they need to be repaired or updated. Doing this would prevent foot and ankle problems, ie. tight fitting shoes cause rubbing and thus, blistering or ingrown toenail. Make sure to have enough room at the toe box to have plenty of room and you can actually wiggle your toes in the shoes. 
  2. Moisturise your feet. Cooler weather can often lead to dryness, cracking and pain. A good heel balm can help. Generally, heel balms with 5% to 15 % urea concentration are recommended for everyday use, depending on the dryness level of your feet. One example is the Walker heel balm.

     3. Look after your toenails and foot skin. If you notice any foot corn, callous/cracks and a suspected ingrown toenail, it is highly recommended to see             a podiatrist for treatment and avoid further pain and infection. 


   4. Put the nail polish away. In the cooler weather, the toenails are covered which means you can leave them polish-free and not worry about seeing               them out. Due to the contained chemicals, nail polish can deteriorate the nail bed over time, resulting in nail damage.  This is also an opportunity to           see your podiatrist for any toenails concern and treatment. 

   5. Socks are shoes’ best friend. Where possible, you should wear socks with your shoes. This can prevent excessive sweatiness and reduce chances of          developing skin issues such as fungal skin infection. Breathable, warm socks are preferable ones.   


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