Why is everyone getting achilles pain lately?

Achilles pain has been on the rise since lockdowns have ended. Find out why? 

Achilles tendonitis and tendinopathy has been on the rise. We are currently seeing an influx of patients at the clinic presenting with pain at the back of their heel, ankle and lower leg. This pain has been often associated with a return to work, return to sport and a sudden change in lifestyle following the rigorous lockdowns. 

To explain why this is occurring, I need you to understand a little more about the Achilles tendon. 

The Achilles tendon is 

  • The thickest tendon in the human body -aka it is very strong 
  • It has low blood supply meaning that if injured can take very long to repair  
  • Involved in walking, shock absorption, jumping, running and controlling the back of your lower limbs – essentially every movement we use day to day. 
  • Is more prone to injury when activity is suddenly INCREASED/MODIFIED

So now imagine that you have come out of lockdown. Suddenly changed your activity and you then injure the thickest tendon in your body that has low blood supply and is utilised every single day.

A recipe for disaster. A recipe that we are seeing all too often as of late. 

Here is what I suggest. 

If you are experiencing ANY pain, stiffness or discomfort at the back of your legs or ankle, then see someone ASAP. One session can prevent 10 sessions of treatment, months of pain, days off work and games off sport. 

It is not worth you ignoring that lingering pain, letting it grow, and then having to spend the next 3 months trying to fix an issue that could have been easily avoided with no guarantee that it will subside. 

Types of treatment for Achilles Pain:

  • Exercise program – we can identify if there are any weakness in your lower limb that need addressing and provide your with a personalised exercise program.
  • Footwear assessment – your footwear will be assessed for fit to make sure you’re wearing the right shoes for your feet.
  • Shockwave therapy and Laser Therapy – both these treatments can stimulate healing and help you recover fast
  • Orthotic therapy – you may require custom insoles to wear in your shoes to help adjust any abnormalities in your foot position and provide extra support for your feet.

In just one session, we can show you a recipe for reducing the risk of Achilles injury and ensuring that you have the best chance of keeping fit, healthy and active. 

If you are ready to see us, do not hesitate to call our team on (03) 9711 7562 or make an appointment with me through Book Online | The Footcare Clinic on our website!

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