Why Shockwave Therapy may be your answer! (FIX YOUR HEEL PAIN)

If you are dealing with Heel pain, shockwave therapy may be your answer! Read more to find out how and why!

Shockwave therapy is a brilliant treatment modality for heel pain and here is why.

Before I explain why, my first question to you is, what have you tried?

If you are somebody who has tried various treatment methods and your heel pain has been persistently giving you pain, then Shockwave Therapy may be your answer!

Shockwave therapy works by utilising radial shockwaves through a handpiece against the skin to promote regeneration and reparative processes of the bones, tendons and soft tissues. Sounds fancy right?

From my personal experiences, I have witnessed many patients reduce their pain dramatically after at least 3-6 sessions of treatment, and there is no reason why you cannot be the next one in line!

Shockwave therapy itself is designed to

  • Stimulate muscle production and enhance the tissue healing response 
  • Form new blood vessels that carry vital nutrients to the regions of injury 
  • Release trigger points and reduce tissue tightness 
  • Reverse chronic inflammation that slows down the healing process
  • Reduce pain!

Overall, it is an excellent addition to those out there dealing with chronic heel pain as it can directly target the area of pain and create physiological changes that most other treatment modalities cannot!

If you would like to find out whether Shockwave therapy may be right for you, then Contact us today on (03) 9711 7562 if you have any questions or you can easily book online for an appointment.

We look forward to seeing you at The Footcare Clinic.

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