Running Out of Lockdown Workshop

How To Get Your Running Back On Track (a Zoom webinar)

Thursday 29th October
7:00pm – 8:00pm
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Get Your Running Back On Track

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Injury Proofing Your Stride

Ngan (Kim) Harwood


B.Pod, Member of the Australian Podiatry Association

Ngan (Kim) Harwood is the Senior Podiatrist and Director of The Footcare Clinic. She’s passionate about treating lower limb and running injuries with a focus on running retraining and rehabilitation. Outside of the clinic she enjoys setting big running challenges and loves trail running immensely. She has completed the big 6 World Major Marathons and is now enjoying running ultramarathons and multi-day running events. In this presentation, Kim will give you some practical tips on how you can reduce your risk of getting injured so that you can continue to run strong and stay fit!

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Get Back Into The Run Groove!

Jim Poussard

Level 3 Accredited Running Coach (Athletics Australia)

Lockdown has been challenging for most of us and in many different ways. This has included our ability to run, which for many people is so important. Reflecting on what we enjoy about running (and what we have missed), it’s the perfect time to think about where we are at – mentally and physically – and set ourselves a strategy and some goals for getting back to what we love – Running! We also need to be careful not to overtrain with our new-found freedoms and be kind to our bodies as we return to running awesomeness! In this webinar, Jim will share with you the strategies on how you can safely emerge from lockdown as a runner.

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About Jim Poussard

Jim Poussard is an accredited run coach and the owner / head coach of Bayside Run Coaching.

Working with juniors and adults, Jim highlights the importance of enjoying your running and developing run efficiency through correct technique. Jim also works with Athletics Australia, coaching athletics in schools and is President of the Mordialloc Social Running Club.

Jim has completed over 50 marathons/ultra-marathons and is currently trying to run 20 marathons in 2020 to raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Shoes With A Shot Of Concrete

Damian Krokos

Active Feet, Retail and Operations Manager

The hard truths about athletic footwear today.
Athletic footwear – Let’s look at the hype. Let’s look at the results. Let’s consider the trends that have come and gone and emerging. Let’s talk about reality for the everyday person that wants to keep fit and reduce the risk of injury. Let’s keep in mind that most of us get around in shoes other than sports shoes most of the time OR we’re not running in our running shoes most of the time. AND let’s debunk the marketing. So, is all the research and development in athletic footwear having benefits for just the elite athletes or are there learnings for you and me? At Active Feet we see everyday people everyday and have hands-on experience finding solutions for our podiatry patients and our community.

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About Damian Krokos

Damian Krokos has worked in the retail footwear industry for over 20 years and has a close relationship with all the major footwear brands and local allied health professionals.

Damian is a sub 3:40 marathon runner, an accredited Athletics Australia Run Leader and Community Athletics Coach and has an exorbitant collection of shoes.

Get Your Running Back On Track

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5 star review  The Footcare Clinic in Keysborough has been fantastic. The service of both the podiatrists and admin staff has been smooth, efficient, easy to work with, and creates a helpful, welcoming atmosphere so you know you're being looked after. After an injury in my teenage years, I've been bouncing between podiatrist clinics for over a decade and have received everything from high quality orthotics to very basic "get the job done" types. In that time, I've also been treated by a number of podiatrists and their way of operating. So it is with a certain degree of experience and a very high degree of confidence that I can say this: if you need a podiatrist, there is no better place to look than The Footcare Clinic. I am extremely happy with my orthotics, the level of input and care from my podiatrist and the attention to detail throughout the process. They were respectful of my needs, thorough all throughout the process of designing my orthotic inserts and provided comprehensive information on the shoes that would be best for me. They were available whenever I needed input on if a certain shape of sole is okay for me, if I would be receiving enough support from the structure of this particular shoe, and other questions I ran into it. Very easy to get in touch with. If anything was wrong with the shoes I'd purchased once my podiatrist and I spoke about them, I had all the information I needed to find the right alternative to suit my individual needs. I can't praise this clinic highly enough, so if you need orthotics, whether for substantial or minor problems, or even if you just have some back pain and want to see if your feet are making it worse, definitely give The Footcare Clinic a look!

thumb Greg Paxton
April 26, 2021

5 star review  "The service was fantastic. Thanks to Podiatrist Ngan (Kim) I now have a clear understanding of what needs to be done to support my recovery and i now feel hopeful that this is actually a realistic possibility. I recommend The Footcare Clinic to anyone who has challenges walking or is experiencing pain, because Kim provides a really thorough examination as well as manageable solutions. I felt extremely cared for and valued and have learned different helpful strategies to imporve my feet health, such as changing my lifestyle by becoming more active and changing my footwear. The staff were very accommodating and friendly (Tanya) which also made the entire experience simple and straight forward."

thumb Jo Laird
July 6, 2020

5 star review  The service I received was awesome. Thanks to podiatrist Kim for her expert knowledge regarding diabetes and how to care for my feet effectively. I highly recommend The Footcare Clinic.

thumb Gail Boyd
January 13, 2021