Sole Stories: How A Podiatrist Helped A Business Owner Catch A Thief

This is a goodie!  A story that truly made us feel oh so proud to be able to help people.

When John* came in for his regular weekly shockwave treatment we could tell he had a spring in his step.  After asking him what his week was like, he calmly told us that thanks to what we did last week he was able to catch a thief!

Well, that got our attention!

John owns a computer shop.  Only into week 2 of being allowed to open for business again after stage 4 lockdown, you can imagine how excited he was to be able to see his customers again and earn some dosh!  On this particular day, John observed a customer not wearing a mask as he entered his shop (masks are mandatory you see).  John politely asked the lad to wear his mask or leave the shop.  The lad refused and as he left the shop he grabs one of John’s display products and ran out.  Well, John leapt to it, RAN out after the thief and after 50 metres managed to catch him and retrieve the stolen goods.

You see 3 weeks before this John could hardly walk with comfort let alone run!  John suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon on his left leg 2 years ago and since then his mobility has been greatly challenged.  He attributes his ability to do that short 50 metre run to the new orthotics he was fitted for 1 week before.  We do get a bit excited when our customers say they ‘run’ so his podiatrist asked him if he wanted to take up running as an exercise goal now that he knows he can do it…. he politely declined.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent 😊

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