The Footcare Fairy Tale – by Joanne Camoens

Once upon a time there was a poor forty-year-old woman who was hobbling through life in pain and discomfort. She was not able to participate in daily things others often take for granted. The pain in her feet had been worsening over the last few years to the point work was becoming difficult, exercise was virtually impossible, and don’t even mention wearing heels! Gently touching her feet was simply excruciating and something she avoided like the plague.

That same woman felt too embarrassed to seek professional help as she believed these problems may be due to her recent weight gain. Not only that, she was worried about the cost of treatment. This stopped her from going to a podiatrist – until a good friend recommended The Footcare Clinic.

Well, would you believe that the woman of whom I speak was actually me, and the miracle workers are the podiatrists at The Footcare Clinic? From the second I hobbled into the office I knew the service I was going to receive was unparalleled. The combination of authentic care, thorough assessment, useful advice, rich knowledge, clear communication and genuine connection made the entire experience amazing.

Over the course of nine weeks I had numerous appointments which included filming my walk and posture, taking laser moulds of my feet, making phenomenally comfortable insoles, physical manipulation, exercise advice and intense shock therapy. Each time I walked away a little straighter (literally) and also full of happiness.

Considering the challenging times, we are all living in within Victoria, every visit to TFC was an absolute pleasure, actually becoming a perk of my week (is that strange?). My podiatrist and I exchanged life stories and I genuinely know that they not only supported the repair of my feet but also gave me important tools to help my mental and physical wellbeing, by subtly inspiring me and celebrating my mini weekly personal achievements. 

The easy to understand and manageable advice they gave me about the simplest things I hadn’t considered, such as the best shoes, how to fit a shoe correctly and even the best ways to tie laces, all with the aim to improve my overall feet care. Let me tell you, this advice worked like a dream! In addition, simple daily exercises to stretch your calves and heels to help circulation and movement will be things I continue to do for the rest of my life. 

Now, I can’t finish this shout out without also mentioning the loveliest receptionists at the front desk. I looked forward to greeting them each week and they were nothing but helpful, warm, informative and a delight to meet. Thank you.

Throughout the treatment I chose to purchase Archies thongs which I will never look back from, they are a godsend. Wonderfully comfortable, cheap and very durable.

In a nutshell, the entire experience was a roaring success and now that it is finished I can honestly say I miss my weekly visits.

And… End the Foot Care Fairy-tale… 

That hobbling woman I introduced you to, now has zero pain in either of her feet, and requires no hot feet soaks at the end of each day. She walks and even runs for exercise now and can move her feet with ease. She is living her best life and now understands that a positive healthy lifestyle directly influences and impacts her overall foot wellbeing. Now, the next step is high heels again and then she will live happily ever after!

Thank you to everyone from The Footcare Clinic, keep up the good work and maybe someday in the future I will get to see you without a mask on. We will not recognise each other; I will be the one hopping and skipping on my awesome new healthy feet. 

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